Be a Contender

Step One – Contender Boot Camp

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Contender Boot Camp runs throughout the year with the final day finishing up on Friday September 30th. The focus is fitness, basic techniques, and most importantly, to determine whether or not there is a potential match up for you. By the end of the September program, we will make our final determinations on who will be selected for Fight 4 The Cause VI on December 2, 2017.

Please note, the main focus is to determine from the group of Contenders, what match-ups we can make that will be the fairest and most evenly matched in terms of weight, ability, potential and attitude. This is a complex jigsaw puzzle and for safety reasons, we simply must get the pieces right*. We ask that you respect the process and the final outcome. Be aware that regardless of whether you have prior boxing experience, you should participate in at least one Contender Bootcamp to be eligible for the event. Contender Bootcamp is also about assessing people’s work ethic, their commitment, their temperament and making sure that we get the right dynamic for the group.

*Please note match ups may change at any time for this reason.

Step Two - The Application

No matter how fit you are or whether you’ve boxed before, if you have commitment, a great attitude and spirit, Fight 4 The Cause is for you! Tell us why you wish to be chosen and what you are hoping to achieve. There are always more applicants than spots available, so please provide a compelling reason why you should be chosen. Applications must be received no later than 10pm on Friday September 22nd to be considered.

Applications can be picked up in person at Studio 4, or you can email us at to receive an online application. Contender Bootcamp runs year round with the final day finishing Friday, September 29th. All contenders must complete all administrative obligations prior to commencing with training camp on October 2nd.

Training Camp

Now the hard work really begins!

The schedule: Calls for 5 weekly sessions (Saturday optional), but there will be a lot more expected of you to maintain and build your fitness on your own time as well. Training sessions will consist of shadow boxing, bag work, pads, technique and sparring with your certified coaches. Contenders will be split into 2 groups, Blue Corner and Red Corner, where you will train together for the entire 8 weeks. In addition, optional weekend and evening sessions with high profile Superstar trainers will be offered every Saturday morning and Monday and Wednesday evenings.

The cost of delivering this level of training, over an 8-week period, covering all marketing, equipment, coaching and gym time is very high, however with sponsorship and volunteers, we are able to reduce this amount significantly.


Train with the Contenders

Take advantage of the great training and be part of the team. This is for people who want to participate but are not sure if they want to compete. A match up is not scheduled but individuals in this category will be considered first as alternates should a space open up.

Finding a Sponsor

Contenders are encouraged to find a sponsor to assist with the costs of participating in the event. This will be a marketing expense, not a charitable donation, and as such is a 100% tax deductible for any business. There is a massive ROI in marketing, promotion and goodwill for all sponsors who get involved. Sponsors may be an employer or be directly related to the “theme” of your bout. In return for their support, sponsors will receive the following:

  1. Online company name & logo placement on your fighter’s fight card profile on Facebook and the official event website
  2. Prominent name and logo placement in the event program.
  3. Your Company is featured prominently in your Fighter’s Big-Screen introduction video shown just prior to their bout, continuous streaming of sponsor logos on VCC flat screens. Sample 1 Sample 2
  4. Live verbal acknowledgement by the event MC during your fighter’s introduction.
  5. Media coverage in the lead up to and during the event.
  6. Sponsors should be aware that the major value in being associated with Fight 4 The Cause II is all the Hype surrounding the event. Your support will be very much in the public eye, as people get excited about discussing and predicting the outcome of all the match-ups.
  7. A fully tax-deductible marketing receipt issued for the full amount.
  8. 2 VIP dinner tickets for the sponsor.

What is included in Sponsorship?

Sponsorship allows the athletes to participate with minimal cost to them and covers the following:

Gloves, wraps, mouth guard, competition apparel & safety equipment, 8 week training camp in a fully equipped facility with championship coaches, insurance, group nutritional, health & wellbeing consults, discounted chiropractic & massage. (Due to the nature of the sport, there is a small chance a bout may fall through due to injury. In the unlikely event a Contender is unable to continue, a replacement will be found and sponsorship will be transferred to a new athlete. Please note that sponsorship is non-refundable).

Cost of sponsorship:  $1800

*All contenders are required to register with the Combsport sanctioning body and have a medical conducted prior to media launch date on Saturday October 1st, no exceptions.